Respect Bharat Maa

“All NGOs, schools, colleges, social, cultural and political leaders, corporates, government officials, collectors and sarpanches, are requested to accelerate Swachhata activities during the period of 15th September - 2nd October 2018.”

Swachh Hata Hi Seva 2018
Swachh Hata Hi Seva 2018

On September 26, 2018, in Tinwari, we participated in the clean India program with our school Takshal International School.

More than 20 schools of the village were present, heard a speech from the local authorities and responsible for the program, before scrolling in the main street, and share the cleaning of the town.

During the week with the classes, we worked on different media about the Swachh Bharat and the WinS Program.

March 05, 2016


Lesson on the WinS Program, including an overview of environmental rules followed by a contest of drawings with all major classes.

Each class sang them a song and following the visit it was received in the office of the Director with the teachers. Tea and apples they were offered, and all asked them to come back because they were very happy with this meeting.

Of course, they have sung OLD MAC DONALD

It was a beautiful morning they stayed there 3 hours, ca passes so quickly... and they are back sharing this happy.

April 09, 2016

The first real lesson in the WinS Program on microbes. During the lesson, I used many items for models and used also a computer to show videos.

Meeting with the Director to make the point on the future programme 2016-2017.

5th to 9th January 2016 in Govt Girls Upper Primary Scool in Chirwa

Chirwa Paint 1
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During the winter holidays and during three days we have been to Chirwa Govt Girls Upper Primary School with Mrs Sandhya SOLANKI and Mr Prasad MENARIA to restore, decorate and clean this small school.

5 January, the 1st day Ananda sealed and restored the exterior door of the kitchen and joined Urvashi which decorated doors, windows, pillars with Sandhya and Prasad who followed the guidelines.

7 January, the 2nd day while some decorated, others hewed trees and cleaning the playground, not to mention small repairs on taps.

9 January, the 3rd day a beautiful clock on the wall has been painted with movable wooden needles for children, and other designs focused on visual teaching aids. The pleasure was huge for all and a team of children joined us to finish cleaning the playground and take care of trimmed trees.

They were ten children with their bins to collect paper, plastic and stones that littered the floor of the playground. They were very brave.

We thank Sandhya SOLANKI for giving us the opportunity to access to school, organized meals for us and thank also Prasad MENARIA for supporting our travel between Bedla and Chirwa. We will continue the beautification of this school in the upcoming holiday.

This month, we start the WA.S.H. (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) in Schools that we have already visited: program based on the use, transport and storage of water; hand washing, teeth and body; with the distribution of hygiene items (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs ....).
We continue the already competitions.

We appeal to all generous donors for stationary school and hygiene products.


October 16, 2014, at OGHNA Rajasthan

Cleaning the ditches of the NGO building and replacing the broken passage slab with Ananda and Urvashi and part of the staff of the NGO GMKS.

NGO Gandhi Manav Kalyan Society OGHNA