June 17, 2016

Last day with the distribution of certificates to the winners of the drawing competition launched by Urvashi during the extracurricular assignment from summer to school Shree Vikas Vidhya Mandir of Eklingpura.




June 10, 2016

Painting and songs with Urvashi and Computer with Ananda.




June 03, 2016

Calligraphy and Mehendi with Urvashi and Computer on Paint with Ananda



May 30, 2016

Decoration class and Painting with Urvashi and Computer on Publisher with Ananda


May 27, 2016

Dance and Music class with Urvashi

and Computer on Word Application with Ananda




May 23, 2016

English and Painting Class with Urvashi and how to use a Computer with Ananda




May 20, 2016

English and Calligraphy with Urvashi

and Computer on Paint with Ananda

April 7, 2016

URVASHI and ANANDA made a visit to the Shree Vikas Vidya Mandir of Eklingpura school where 170 children awaited them...

URVASHI and ANANDA arrived the hands responsible for educational gifts for all classes. The distribution lasted all morning... (globe for science class, net of volleyball for sport, clothes and school supplies, slate, colour chalks, posters, jump ropes, stickers, faves for hair,...).

Urvashi organized a competition of drawings with all classes, while Ananda set up the volleyball net, helped by the boys of large classes, for a next sporting competition in September.

The team of teachers Mrs Lalita Sharma, Mrs Bhagawanti Oudichya, Mrs Tara Salvi, Mrs Rina Varna, Mrs Indra Salvi participated strongly in this day full of surprises that ended with the distribution of various fruit juice in pouches.

We thank Mrs Daresh and Dheeraj Pandya, as well as Mr Krishna Gopal Joshi for their home, URVASHI and ANANDA proposed to do extra-activities twice a week during the summer holidays to introduce young children including an initiation at the informatic, an introduction to the French language, a gothic and fantastic design workshop.

They will come with their own equipment to the school for the computer class.

March 14, 2016

The first meeting of URVASHI and ANANDA with the direction Mr Daresh and Dheeraj Pandya and the team of teachers Mrs Lalita Sharma, Mrs.

Bhagawan Oudichya, Mrs Tara Salvi, Mrs Rina Varna, Mrs Indra Salvi, this small school.

Nursery: 45 students Mrs Lalita Sharma

Nursery HKG: 20 students Mrs Bhagawanti Oudichya

Class 1 and 2: 32 students Mrs Tara Salvi

Class 3: 28 students Mrs Rina Varna

Class 4: 15 students Mrs Indra Salvi

Class 5: 17 students Mr Daresh Pandya

Class 6: 13 students Mr Dheeraj Pandya