Upon arrival at the airport, the volunteer will be picked up by a Sylphi Foundation staff member. Once arrived at the hotel according to the duration of the stay, the volunteer will follow a course on the culture and the language of Nepalese.
After this internship, he/she will be transported to the place of volunteering and lodged with the local inhabitant. The families who receive are also trained to receive the volunteers among them.

Health: Nurses, public health, paramedical professions, doctors


The two most common causes of death among Nepalese children are diarrhoea and respiratory illnesses. The first is often caused by a lack of sanitation, which spreads intestinal diseases, and the second, by the use of open fires for cooking indoors.

We are addressing these and other issues by raising awareness in communities and providing them with tools for better sanitation and ventilation. Interventions included public health days in local schools, training sessions in women's and youth groups, and helping the community build better sanitation facilities.

Sylphi Foundation Nepal will start a program to build dispensaries and/or schools in the poorest villages in the various districts of Nepal.