November 21, 2015

Distribution of school supplies (3500 ₹).

URVASHI and ANANDA returned to school Govt Upper Primary School Karalo Ka Gura, accompanied by Mr Shyam Sunder Dasora and Mr Om Prakash Lohar, to make a distribution of school supplies in the presence of Mr Mahendra Singh Dalavat controller to Badgaon BIO.

Upon their arrival, the children awaited them sitting on five stored on mats under the tree at school. They started the distribution and were given each a slate, a notebook, felt tip pens, a pencil, and an eraser. The children were very happy. They promised to return before Christmas.

The controller of BIO congratulated them for their initiative in favour of this small school, but a great heart.

They returned happily to this day.

16 October 2015

Visit and distribution of 10 Kg of fruit (bananas and apples) at the time of the meal.

Director Mr SANJAY

Teachers: Ms MANISHA. Ms NITU. Mrs CHAYA.

URVASHI and ANANDA arrived unannounced at the small school in the depths of the mountains with fruit for all... They have distributed them while they were all seated. They were happy.

There were 113 children. They were welcomed with open arms. They have sung and made the alphabet and they left them to go to school. Awesome afternoon. They are all adorable.

URVASHI and ANANDA visited classes and they understood they needed school supplies, they return after Diwali between November 20 and 30. Thank you for this wonderful day.