Upon arrival at the airport, the volunteer will be picked up by a Sylphi Foundation staff member. Once arrived at the hotel according to the duration of the stay, the volunteer will follow a course on the culture and the language of Nepalese.
After this internship, he/she will be transported to the place of volunteering and lodged with the local inhabitant. The families who receive are also trained to receive the volunteers among them.

IT and media: IT infrastructure, IT and technology education, journalism, filmmaking, photography


Marginalized ethnicities in developing Nepal are often "invisible". No one hears their stories, they have no place to make themselves known and assert their daily needs.

Sylphi Foundation Nepal strives to equip these ethnicities with the skills they need to tell their own stories, to themselves, their children, local officials, government and the world.

Using techniques ranging from simple wall newspapers, radio programs, social networks, photography and video editing, our volunteers give villagers the tools to be heard.