On Saturday, July 6, 2019, we met the director of the school Bedon Ka Bira of Nosar, Mr Karan Singh and all his team of teachers.

There are classes of 10 and the school receives the help of the MDM Program for 232 students from the village of Nosar.

Their needs are bicycles to come to school (2 to 5 Km), shoes, uniforms, the educational poster for classes 5 to 10. In class 8, 9 and 10, we recorded the Gayatri Mantra ... Superb. The students are very focused, open and attentive. (33 girls, 16 boys).

6 girls have sung a local song, their voices are very high proving the voices of the desert (Swajat Sa). 2 boys also sang us a local song.

The long morning ended with a discussion around a tea and we take some photos, we are back in the jeep of our guide Bablu to return to Osian. An appointment was made for September ...