Upon arrival at the airport, the volunteer will be picked up by a Sylphi Foundation staff member. Once arrived at the hotel according to the duration of the stay, the volunteer will follow a course on the culture and the language of Nepalese.
After this internship, he/she will be transported to the place of volunteering and lodged with the local inhabitant. The families who receive are also trained to receive the volunteers among them.

How to Volunteer for Environmental Conservation in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal is not only for social butterflies. Volunteers who are more

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Environmental Conservations'

drawn to nature can volunteer in Nepal for conservation. If you grew up in a big city and you need a change of surroundings, this can be your chance to get in touch with local flora. Volunteer in Nepal for the environment and help protect its undeniable beauty.

With 80 % of the population being dependent on agriculture, volunteers can learn a lot about agrarian practices and connect with local farmers during the volunteer program. Most of the farming still happens traditionally using traditional Nepalese techniques.

As a volunteer in Nepal, you can also join tea research or organic farming projects. You’ll be able to research organic tea cultivation and production or you’ll be involved in picking tea leaves, tea processing, and tea packaging. These projects allow you to experience the typical lifestyle of rural Nepali villages!

Volunteers who are drawn to the mountains can help with conservation efforts to protect this unique ecosystem. Observe the wildlife, do surveys on the rhododendron forest (the Annapurna mountain range has the greatest rhododendron forest), and raise awareness among the locals.