Upon arrival at the airport, the volunteer will be picked up by a Sylphi Foundation staff member. Once arrived at the hotel according to the duration of the stay, the volunteer will follow a course on the culture and the language of Nepalese.
After this internship, he/she will be transported to the place of volunteering and lodged with the local inhabitant. The families who receive are also trained to receive the volunteers among them.

Education: Teaching, informal education, early childhood development


Many teachers in the developing world have minimal training. They lack the tools to care for children with special needs and have no training in creative teaching techniques. They lack educational materials and often

teach only by memorization, including for very young children. In order to ensure the long-term impact of our intervention, we do not replace teachers, but rather work with teachers, training them in new pedagogical techniques and approaches. We help teachers set up age-appropriate learning environments and work with them to find appropriate approaches to working with students with special needs. We also run teacher clubs where teachers can share best practices, effective techniques and help each other.

We have also placed special emphasis on early childhood education. Existing early childhood structures are understaffed and staff lack training and equipment. Younger children are often left behind at a critical time in their development. Staff and volunteers also provide training to staff on early childhood development and educational methods. The toddlers and young children in the program show a significant leap in their development as they find themselves in an environment appropriate to their age.