Upon arrival at the airport, the volunteer will be picked up by a Sylphi Foundation staff member. Once arrived at the hotel according to the duration of the stay, the volunteer will follow a course on the culture and the language of Nepalese.
After this internship, he/she will be transported to the place of volunteering and lodged with the local inhabitant. The families who receive are also trained to receive the volunteers among them.

Agriculture: Agronomy and phytology, animal husbandry or veterinary medicine


Sylphi Foundation Nepal works with farming villages that do not produce enough food to support themselves year-
round. Due to the lack of food, villagers are drawn to urban slums where they earn their living in a polluted and dangerous environment. Families often separate under pressure and children are forced to work from an early age. Our agricultural program aims to help farmers increase their yield considerably by allowing them to stay in the village if they wish. We do this using the following techniques:

Build and operate demonstration farms in villages where farmers can learn new techniques, get acquainted with new crops, and learn irrigation and soil methodologies.
Second local agricultural experts as well as young international agronomists to the villages full time to manage the demonstration farms as well as to visit and solve the problems of the farmers in their fields.
Execute programs to empower farmers and help them organize themselves into farmer groups or cooperatives. We also teach them about micro-finance opportunities, help them with the application process and connect them to local markets where they sell their products at a profit.