We buy clothes because we can afford it. We stack them in our overflowing cupboards because we are privileged. And sometimes we keep clothes that we no longer use for reasons that range from emotional value to obvious attachment.

But when we donate the clothes we no longer need, we save a life. We help those who do not have a proper pair of socks or jeans to cover themselves to live with dignity. We make sure that no one goes to bed badly in these harsh winter (and even summer) months. By donating clothes, not only do you clean your closet, but you also participate in the common good.

There is a sense of pride in helping the less fortunate who can not afford clothes for themselves. Humanity wins every time you wrap your old clothes and donate them to charities like our SYLPHI FOUNDATION.


As part of the WinS program « Wash in Schools » on body hygiene and good manners, we need these products that we regularly distribute such as: toothbrush, toothpaste, brushes, combs, shampoo, shower gel, soaps, oil for hair and soap to wash the laundry.

For babies also: body milk, cotton, diapers, wipes, etc …

Emergency care kit (tapes, adhesives, disinfectants).


For classes, we need: slates, chalks, notebooks, pencils, erasers, rulers, compasses, brackets, protractors, colored pencils, markers, calculators, adhesives, glue, erasers, scissors, highlighters, staplers plus refills, cutter , pencil sharpeners, ballpoint pens, sketchbook, plastic pouches, paint kits, brushes, white and colored drawing paper, printer paper, graph paper, tracing paper, binders, kits, binders.

For manual activities: sketchbook, ribbons, stencils, glue, heat glue gun, quilling kit, wood stand to decorate, crepe paper; stained glass; hardcover; of color, beads, stickers, glitters, acrylic paint, soldering iron and copper wire, pyrograver, shatterproof wire, wool, sewing needles and knitting.

For modeling: modeling clay, clay, modeling tools, various accessories.

Sporting goods: balls, various rackets, nets, tables, bicycles, skipping rope, elastics,


We need educational toys for the balivary, orphanage, disabled and government schools which are good support for developing the spirit of young children (memory games, abacuses, building toys, letters and numbers, puzzles, cubes, lego, dolls , soft toys, cars, trucks, various sets: farm, animals, contruction, kitchen, tricycles and carrier).

These games are distributed in the primary school classes of the schools, orphanage, and other institutions that we regularly follow.

A class « Books and Games » is in preparation for 2019, complementary elements in education.

Thank you for sending us new games or complete unbroken occasions preferably friction instead of batteries. Think of Christmas children because in the countryside in India they have no or some toys.


Please send us only English, Hindi and Rajasthani books for primary classes: children’s history book, school books (history, geography, sciences, discoveries, sport, encyclopedias, dictionaries, coloring, learning to write and reading, poetry and songs, book all in one, posters, world maps, etc …).

Preferably new or in very good condition to be able to make them available in good conditions.


In 2019 as part of the program « Rurban » and the opening of a class of discovery and initiation to basic computing, we need hardware such as: computers, printers, scanners, miscellaneous software and spare parts all kinds in good condition to learn to build a PC (empty CPUs, motherboards, power supplies, processors, fans, memory sticks, hard disks, floppy disk drives and CD or DVD, video cards, sound cards, network cards, cards of various extensions, cables, mapes, screws) and all kinds of peripherals on parallel port, serial, ps2, usb, scsi, … mouse, keyboard, screens, loudspeaker, microphone headset, camera, memory cards sd – usb, floppy, cd, etc …

New or used but in working order as well as consumables (paper, ink cartridges, etc …).


To help the most disadvantaged in our daily lives, we collect new or used mobility aids that we refurbish before redistributing them in clinics or small hospitals in the countryside or in desert areas ( desert of THAR) near our Foundation in Tinwari (Jodhpur District).

Everything that we receive as a donation is distributed to the structures that need it most and we follow it regularly.


For the opening of the woodworking training center: Cabinet Makers, Carpenter, Sculptor, Restorer and Turner in 2019 we need:

Manual tools: scissors, gouges, tape measure, ruler, compass, squares, false squares, pliers, planes, scrapers, rifflers, rapes, files, screwdrivers, cranes and wicks, oil stones, all-grain glass paper, pencils, erasers, personal protection kit (glove, helmet, glasses, earplugs) handsaw, sterling, rucksack, chanter, clamps, vises, workbenches, scribes, trimming combs, tracing paper, hardware ( screws, nails, bolts, etc …) mallets, mallets, hammers, silicone pumps, grease, white wood glue and neoprene, ….

Mechanical Tools: Combined, band saw of different sizes, jointer, planer, router, circular saw, sander, drill, jigsaw, wood lathe, router, planer, screw and bit, extension cords, projectors, etc …

Wood of all species and all sizes, old or new for restoration, etc …
And all the old, worn-out tools that you no longer use and that could serve us well.


In our project aquaponic farm and organic farm for 2019/2020 we need tools and materials of all kinds: shovels, picks, forks, spades, wheelbarrows, rakes, watering cans, shears, gloves, boots, cords, decameter, grains (vegetables, flowers, fruits), pots, buckets, stakes fasteners, garden hoses, rolls of wire, tarpaulin, greenhouses, etc …

And aquaponics kits (Pvc tubes, filters, pumps, bins, plantation racks, fish and food, etc …).

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